Meet MC Tingbudong

MC Tingbudong performs for Asian Glow on May 22, 2020 at 8pm on facebook.

 “At a time of global pandemic characterized by xenophobia against China, and growing division between black, brown and asian communities–I’m honored and excited to join this lineup.  It’s more important than ever to forge this much-needed international community. “

MC Tingbudong is an African American bilingual Chinese rapper, multimedia artist, and revolutionary. A Fulbright Scholar who studied hip hop in Beijing in 2008, and recently organized a nine-city mainland China tour in 2019, his music layers politically-charged English and Mandarin verses over globally-sourced, lo-fi, trap and experimental sounds. During quarantine, he’s been working on a three part multimedia EP, VIRAL, in collaboration with producers from the US, China and Japan – and is excited to debut the project at Asian Glow.

MC Tingbudong AKA Jam No Peanut has recently released the single “VIRAL” 《转播病毒》, “part political reaction to the xenophobic idea of a ‘Chinese Virus’ and the assaults on Asian-Americans, and part poetic observation on the post-human nature of our lives online. “VIRAL” can be heard on Spotify (Spotify Artist Name: Jam No Peanut).


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