MC’s in the Round to Celebrate APAHM2020


Hip Hop and APAHM Celebrated via Live Stream
MC’s in the Round to Celebrate APAHM2020

Asian Glow Boston is proud to celebrate hip hop culture and APAHM 2020! On May 22, rap artists jason chu, Son of Paper, and MC Tingbudong will livestream a special workshop titled “Rap, Race, & Revolution” at 7pm EDT, followed by a concert in the round at 8 PM!

The workshop “Rap, Race, & Revolution” will focus on the intersection of hip hop culture and young Asian American identity, along with MC Tingbudong’s unique perspective as an African American bilingual Chinese rapper.

“At a time of global pandemic characterized by xenophobia against China, and growing division between black, brown and asian communities – I’m honored and excited to join this lineup,” says MC Tingbudong. “It’s more important than ever to forge this much-needed international community.”

While the global pandemic has affected all artists in different ways to varying degrees, all three artists have managed to produce new works — some even inspired by current events.

“Usually I’m on the road 3-4 weeks out of this month going from colleges to APA Heritage Month functions. I’m bummed to be stuck at home right now but physically distant doesn’t mean socially absent,” says jason chu.

He has completed work on his new album “in the midst of a global pandemic and national lockdown.” A reflection on growth, presence, and letting go of the past, the record, which releases on June 5th, is “10 tracks of casually lyrical lo-fi rap music for warm, thoughtful days at home.” The album can be previewed and preordered on Bandcamp:

MC Tingbudong recently released his single “VIRAL” 《转播病毒》, “part political reaction to xenophobic idea of a ‘Chinese Virus’ and the assaults on Asian-Americans, and part poetic observation on the post-human nature of our lives online.” “VIRAL” can be heard on Spotify (Spotify Artist Name: Jam No Peanut).

Son of Paper is set to release Woori EP, his third EP, on May 29th, available on Soundcloud ( Son of Paper will also release acoustic live versions of “Draft Day” and “What I Want” on Spotify and iTunes  in June.

Asian Glow is a performance series for the Asian diaspora and encourages artists to be seen as individuals and perform as the majority, without explanation or apology. Links to the show will be announced on the and Instagram (@asianglowboston) leading up to the show. Any inquiries can be directed to


Jason Chu


MC Tingbudong


Son of Paper


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