Thank you Boston Compass!


Thank you Boston Compass for letting me write a little about Asian Glow! It was featured as one of the Big Three featured shows for the month of August 2019. The Compass invited me to do a little write up about this show, and it gave me a chance to reflect on why I wanted to create Asian Glow.  You can read the entire article below.

asianglow boston compass

In many ways, Asian Glow has been a truly selfish endeavor. I wanted to meet more people like myself and see them perform. So I did it–Asian Glow, a performance series for the Asian diaspora in Boston. The mission is to be seen as an individual, perform as the majority—without explanation or apology.

Asian Glow was born out of my own experience as a songwriter in Boston. When I first started out in the open mic scene, I was one of two Asian artists. I made my way through the Boston Music Scene often being the only POC on the entire bill. I would get feedback like, “I wasn’t expecting you to sound that way,” or “Have you ever thought about performing Korean music?” I wanted assimilation, but clearly, I did not fit in.

Then my friend Anna Rae asked me to perform with her and two other Korean-American artists for the “All Together Now” performance series ( That night sharing that stage allowed me to be unapologetically me.

I wanted to create that same experience for other artists, and in this process I’ve connected with many organizations and show producers with the same goals as mine! This upcoming Asian Glow includes LuDow, co-creator of Bridgeside Entertainment with Aaron King; Anjan Biswas, host of Cityside Comedy; and The Genki Spark are a staple for community events and festivals! We’re Asian, we’re hosts and community organizers, we’re raging feminists, and I can’t wait for you to see our…GLOW!

Asian Glow
August 20, 2019
7pm, under 18 with guardian
$10 (+ $2.83 fee online)
ONCE Ballroom in Somerville

Tix available at

Read the article here: boston hassle

Read entire issues of the Boston Compass: issuu

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