Thank you Reflyer!

Thank you to Chris Marstall for putting us on Reflyer! You all Reflyer is a simple, clean, easy to use app! You just upload of photo of your hardcopy flyer, and it goes on to the Reflyer “bulletin board.” Scroll down to read an interview that was featured in the e-newsletter!

reflyer asian glow

Jane Park, Asian Glow’s organizer, performs locally as Poor Eliza (her sad, breathy voice makes me think of Sharon Van Etten). The local singer-songwriter scene, she tells me, is painfully white (“still lots of songs about trains”). As a Korean-American, that bugged her. Then in 2016, she had the eye-opening experience of being booked alongside two other Korean-American singers in Anna Rae’s “All Together Now” festival.

“It was a great experience to perform with artists who were like myself,” she said. “I wanted to take that experience and provide that for other people.” Hence Asian Glow, which features 5 Asian-Americans on stage. She calls it an “affinity performance.” As in, the performers have a shared affinity.

Three of the performers are poets; I asked her why. She told me that in the local poetry scene, “there are just a lot more different identities. The people who are really great at it already are already people of color, so it attracts a diverse community.”

Jane says she tries to go out of her way to go to events where she doesn’t know anybody. “It’s hard because you might not like it! But it’s the only way I know.” Hey, great philosophy to have when you’re browsing! Tickets are $10 + fee.

– chris marstall


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